The collaboration with MCM takes its cues from Harper's existing 'Ghost' collection, aptly named after the abandoned fishing nets that contribute to its materials. MCM integrates old stock components, including inside belts from different decades, while Harper Collective introduces perfected new elements, making this partnership even more exceptional and lightweight.

The collection's exclusivity is emphasized by its limited production in Italy.

Available at all MCM flagship stores, the Harper Collective website, and the Harper Collective shop at Selfridges London, the collection comprises three distinct silhouettes: Cabin, Cabin Expandable (a new development), and a large check-in case. 

The idea is to take a problem that we are all faced with and try to find a useful and sustainable solution.

Harper Collective and MCM's collaboration marks a boundary-breaking venture, setting a precedent for the future of luxury travel that harmonizes with environmental stewardship.